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2021: The Inception

Twajali was started 2021 with the name Future focus.

“I wanted to provide a sense of reality to the youth to enable them to make well-informed choices. I felt my story and my experience would be a motivation to help them achieve their dreams. With all this in mind, I started a hospitality training center”

2021 - 2023: The Pilot Program

With our center currently located in the slums we face the challenge of the beneficiaries falling back into old habits of drugs, crime, and prostitution. However, we have trained more than 40beneficiaries on entry-level of hospitality as waiters, housekeepers, Receptionists  chefs and cooks

2024: Projects

Mwanzo Mpya

Through  our project Mwanzo Mpya (new beginning ), we are focusing on  moving the centre away from the slum. This will not only expose the students to another way of living but will also provide an environment that will help them internalize and practice whatever is learned.


Through our project, Uwezo, (ability) we are targeting scholarships for training teenage mothers and marginalized youth, particularly those living in the slums, aged 18 to 28, who dropped out of school and never had the chance to enroll in higher education. 

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