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Meet the Founder

My name is Mary Mutua. At the age of 18, I ran away from home because my parents could not afford to take me to a higher level of education. My paths led to the Kibera slums where drugs, crime, and prostitution became a way of life and a source of livelihood. I survived slums and being ill-treated as a housemaid. After a long time and much struggle, I managed to enroll in a University for Hospitality Management course. Many youths in Kenyan slums are not as lucky to escape slum life. The need to earn a livelihood pushes them to the very extent of often illegal actions from which some never recover. Only a few escape by chance as I did. My dream is to train marginalized youth, using hospitality management as a tool to enable them to explore their potential, to either integrate into or revolutionize the industry.

Capacity Building

Samwel mutwiri

Civil engineer with training and experience in Project management. Possess over 10 years of variable hands on skills both in Non profit organization and private firms in Center management, Capacity building and project management & coordination.

Support Staff

Capacity Building

Bernard Ngomili


Andrew Chinusu

Admin Support

Evelyn Mutua

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